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Replacement for Hewlett Packard 51649A (HP 49 Tri Color) Ink Cartridge
Hewlett Packard (HP 49) Color Ink cartridge
Replacement 51649A Inkjet Cartridge

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Product Code: INK-HP-51649A

Product Info

Hewlett Packard (HP 49) Color Replacement Printer Ink Cartridge

We carry a variety of Replacement Inkjet Cartridge models at the discount price with genuine quality and satisfaction. This high quality inkjet cartridge was professionally engineered with brand new parts at a manufacturing facility that uses state of the art processes to insure the same print quality as OEM cartridges. It will be ideal for professional images, photo prints, and quality output.

Product Specification
Model Name51649A
Product typeReplacement Inkjet Cartridge
Contents16 ml
Cartridge duty cycle310 Page Yield @ 5%
Quantity1 Inkjet Cartridge
Compatible Printers with HP 51649A Replacement Inkjet Cartridge
Apple Color Stylewrite 4100
Apple Color Stylewrite 4500
HP DeskJet 350
HP DeskJet 350C
HP DeskJet 350c-cbi
HP DeskJet 350CBI
HP DeskJet 600
HP DeskJet 600C
HP DeskJet 610
HP DeskJet 610C
HP DeskJet 610CL
HP DeskJet 612
HP DeskJet 612C
HP DeskJet 630
HP DeskJet 630C
HP DeskJet 632
HP DeskJet 632C
HP DeskJet 640
HP DeskJet 640C
HP DeskJet 642
HP DeskJet 642C
HP DeskJet 648C
HP DeskJet 650C
HP DeskJet 656C
HP DeskJet 656Cvr
HP DeskJet 660
HP DeskJet 660C
HP DeskJet 660Cse
HP DeskJet 670
HP DeskJet 670C
HP DeskJet 670TV
HP DeskJet 672
HP DeskJet 672C
HP DeskJet 680
HP DeskJet 680C
HP DeskJet 682
HP DeskJet 682C
HP DeskJet 690
HP DeskJet 690C
HP DeskJet 692
HP DeskJet 692C
HP DeskJet 693
HP DeskJet 693C
HP DeskJet 694
HP DeskJet 694C
HP DeskJet 695
HP DeskJet 695C
HP DeskJet 695CCI
HP DeskJet 697
HP DeskJet 697C
HP DeskWriter 500
HP DeskWriter 500c
HP DeskWriter 600
HP DeskWriter 600c
HP DeskWriter 600cse
HP DeskWriter 660C
HP DeskWriter 672
HP DeskWriter 672c
HP DeskWriter 680
HP DeskWriter 680C
HP DeskWriter 682
HP DeskWriter 682C
HP DeskWriter 693
HP DeskWriter 693C
HP DeskWriter 694
HP DeskWriter 694C
HP OfficeJet 500
HP OfficeJet 520
HP OfficeJet 570
HP OfficeJet 580
HP OfficeJet 590
HP OfficeJet 600
HP OfficeJet 610
HP OfficeJet 630
HP OfficeJet 635
HP OfficeJet 700
HP OfficeJet 710
HP OfficeJet 720
HP OfficeJet 725
Apollo P-2100U
Apollo P-2150U
Apollo P-2200
Apollo P-2250
Apollo P-2500P
Apollo P-2500U
Apollo P-2550
Apollo P-2600
Apollo P-2600U
HP PSC 300
HP PSC 370
HP PSC 380
Note: The product image is for demonstrating purpose only. Actual product appearance may vary.

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