How to Change Toner in Brother Printer

Do you own a Brother laser printer? It is high time to know how to change toner in Brother printer if you have one. It saves time and money. Before learning the installation process, it is better to familiarize yourself with how a toner cartridge functions. Starting with understanding how a toner cartridge works will help you on how to replace toner in Brother printer efficiently.

What toner do I need for my Brother printer?

To know what toner cartridge you should purchase for your Brother printer, you can check it via the printer model name or through the packaging of your old cartridges. For a more manageable process, check out the ''What ink does my printer use' guide. The article will show you the step-by-step process of finding a suitable toner cartridge. Once you find the right Brother printer toner, you are ready to learn how to change toner in Brother printer.

How to replace toner in Brother printer?

Now that you know the basics, it is time to learn how to put toner in Brother printer. Note that you do not need to replace the drum unit every time you change your toner cartridge. Your new Brother printer probably came with a drum unit and toner cartridge. Since the toner needs to be replaced first, you can continue using your drum unit.

Here are the steps on how to replace toner in Brother printer.

  1. Make sure that your Brother printer is on.
  2. Locate the small indents on the front of the paper output tray to pull out the cartridge access door where you will load the toner cartridge.
    small indents on printer paper output tray

    Click to know where the toner cartridge is usually located.

    Brother MFC-L2700DW
    Brother MFC-L2700DW

    The majority of Brother laser printers' access doors where you need to load the toner cartridge are in the front. The Brother MFC-L2700DW is one example. You just need to locate the small indents at the sides. This printer uses one of the best-selling toner cartridges, which is Brother TN660. Feel free to check our instructional video on Brother MFC-L2700DW printer toner cartridges installation for a smoother process on how to replace toner in Brother printer.

    Brother MFC-7860DW
    Brother MFC-7860DW

    Do you have a Brother MFC-7860DW or does it resemble the Brother laser printer you own? The access door is still in the front for this type of laser printer. You will see the cartridge space once you open the access door. It uses the Brother TN420 toner cartridge. To know how to install toner in Brother printer, watch Brother MFC-7860DW printer toner cartridges installation video.

  3. Pull out the drum unit before changing the toner. Do not discard the drum unit since it holds the toner cartridge.
    printer toner cartridge and drum unit
  4. Pull out the empty toner cartridge from the drum unit by pushing down the green lock.
    green lock on toner cartridge
    drum unit without toner cartridgeDrum Unit without the Toner Cartridge
  5. Take the toner out of the packaging. Remove the plastic orange cover.
    orange plastic cover on toner cartridge
  6. Align the toner cartridge and make sure that it fits into the slot in the drum unit.
    new toner cartridge
  7. Be careful not to touch the cartridge's gold contact points,bright-colored, or it may damage the cartridge.
    gold contact point toner cartridge
  8. Put back the drum unit with the toner cartridge into the printer. Close the cover.
    printer with cover opened

    Your printer should automatically recognize the cartridge when you turn it on and start printing.

    Are you looking for more information on how to replace the toner on a Brother printer? Look no further and just check our step-by-step videos on how to install toner cartridges. You will quickly learn how to change toner in Brother printer.

How to change ink in Brother printer?

Brother inkjet printers use four cartridges. It's easy to spot the space for each cartridge since it's color coded. You can follow the steps below on how to change brother ink cartridges.

Click to know where the cartridge access door is usually located.

Where is the ink cartridge located on a Brother printer?

Brother also has inkjet printers that use ink cartridges. Unlike other printer brands, most Brother printers have the same structure. It will be easier for you to learn how to replace Brother ink cartridge. The guide below applies to all Brother inkjet printers. The ink cartridge cover is located at the right part of your printer. Finding the cartridge space is the first step on how to install brother ink cartridge.

Brother MFC-J480DW
Brother MFC-J480DW

Take a look at Brother MFC-J480DW printer. The ink cartridge cover is on the right side. This Brother inkjet printer goes with the fast-selling ink cartridges, which is

Brother MFC-J985DW
Brother MFC-J985DW

The Brother MFC-J985DW (/brother/mfc/mfc-j985dw-ink-cartridges) is another inkjet printer with the best selling Brother LC20E ink cartridges. As you can see, the cartridge space is still on the right side. Do you want to know how to change ink in Brother printer efficiently? Watch the instructional video on Brother MFC-J985DW printer ink cartridges installation , and you will be an expert in no time.

  1. Open the ink cartridge cover and remove the orange protective part.
    orange clip on printer
  2. Press the lock release lever to release the cartridge color indicated on the machine's display. Remove the cartridge from the device.
    cartridge lock release lever

    If you are installing the ink cartridge on a brand new printer, be sure to remove the placeholder plastic tabs before you try to install the ink cartridges.

    If you are replacing empty ink cartridges, be sure to remove the old cartridges before starting.

  3. Take the new ink out of the packaging. Remove the plastic protective cover and the bright-colored cartridge tape.
    yellow tape on cartridge
  4. Follow the color indicated on the machine's display. Be careful not to touch the gold contact point, or it may damage the cartridge.
    chip gold contact point on cartridge
  5. Each color has its correct position. Insert the ink cartridge in the direction of the arrow on the label.
    arrow indicator on ink cartridge
  6. If it does not fit in easily, check to ensure you have it the right way up and insert it into the correct slot.
  7. Repeat the same process for installing the other remaining cartridges. Gently push the back of the ink cartridge marked 'PUSH' until it latches.
    cartridges with PUSH mark sticker
  8. Close the ink cartridge cover. If turned on, the printer should automatically start recognizing the cartridges being in place and begin the printing process.

Hopefully, you're able to learn how to replace toner in Brother printer quickly with this guide. If you need a video guide to install your new Brother printer inks, feel free to check out ' How to change ink in Brother printer?' informative videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toner VS Drum Unit
Epson Workforce WF-2750

Your toner comes with a drum unit. The toner cartridge will not fulfill its printing duty without the drum unit. Understanding toner vs. drum unit function will ensure a smoother way on how to put toner in Brother printer. For most Brother printers, the toner cartridge and drum unit are separated. You need to know if you have to purchase a Brother toner cartridge only or also a drum unit. Are you ready to learn the difference? If yes, continue reading below to learn how to replace toner in Brother printer efficiently.

What is a toner cartridge?

Toner cartridges hold the toner dust to be used for printing in laserjet printers. These powdered colorants are melted by laser beams to produce print on paper. If you are asking, how long does Brother toner last? Brother toner cartridges have a shelf life of 18-24 months. Most Brother toner cartridges can print up to 2,000 pages or more before it needs replacement.

As with inkjet printers, your laser printer will prompt if you already need to replace the toner. You will get a low-toner warning. Aside from that, you will also notice that your printouts are not of good quality. It may come out faded or discolored. So after trying to troubleshoot the poor printing quality issue but to no avail, it may mean one thing, and that is, your toner cartridge is out of ink.

What is a drum unit?

Are you familiar with the drum unit? A lot of people think that the drum unit and toner cartridge are the same thing. The drum unit is the electrical cylinder that transforms the powdered colorants into your paper. Do not mistake it with your toner cartridge. Your laser printer will not function without the drum unit. A drum unit and toner cartridge may be sold together or separately.

Drum units, just like toner cartridges, do have a shelf life and should also be replaced after being consumed. Since the drum unit has a longer lifespan, you can replace it after reusing it 3-4 times, which is a massive advantage to those using separated drum and toner as you do not have to purchase both every time you run out of toner ink.

You will need to replace the drum unit if it causes streaks, smudges, printing gray, or even blank spots on your printouts. Sometimes, you'll even hear strange sounds from your printer. If you have a separate drum and toner and experience the same thing even if the toner is newly installed, the reason might be the drum unit and not the toner.

How to check ink levels on Brother printer?

Do you know how to check ink levels on Brother printer? If not yet, we will teach you in simple steps that you can easily follow. Checking the ink level is vital to not run out of ink in the middle of a printing job. Follow the steps below on how to check toner levels on Brother printer.

Checking ink levels on Brother printer:

For Brother printers with LCD panels, you can click Ink Management , then scroll down to see the Ink Volume option.

Checking ink levels on Windows:

  1. Double-click the printer icon.
  2. Open the Brother Status Monitor Utility. It is automatically installed upon Brother printer installation.

Checking ink levels on Mac:

  1. Open your HD icon , then click Library .
  2. Choose Printers , then select the suitable Brother printer model.
  3. Double click Brother Status Monitor Utility.
  4. View your ink and toner level.
How to store toner cartridges?

Consumers surely want long-lasting cartridges. Proper storage of printer ink is essential to maximize its use. Like ink cartridges, toners have a shelf life of 18-24 months when unopened. You should not expose toner cartridges to these three major elements: heat, light, and moisture. You can follow the tips below on how to store toner cartridges. Take note that this is also applicable to your ink cartridges.

  • Avoid storing your toner cartridges under direct sunlight or in a room with bright lights.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place with the recommended temperature of 20-29 degrees celsius.
  • Do not leave your toner cartridges in the car.
  • Do not store your toner cartridge in a cold and damp area.
  • Do not open the packaging unless you are ready to install your cartridges.
  • Always check the shelf life of your printer toner. Use it within the timeframe for best results.

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