Trying to print your photos but you're not sure what inkjet photo paper for your printer to use? You are on the right page, then!

Start getting familiar with the widely used types of photographic paper for printing photos to get your desired print finish. Good quality ink is a must but it should be paired with the perfect kind of photo paper for your printer to achieve the best results. The guide below will help you identify the kind of photographic paper you need.

Get ready to learn more about the different types of photo paper, sticker paper, transfer paper, magnet sheets, and printable fabric. Plus! The pros and cons are there to help you decide.

Photo Paper

CompAndSave is offering a wide variety of inkjet photo paper for printer which will give you a more defined, accurate, and high-quality color on your photos compared to that of LaserJet printers.

What is photo paper? Inkjet photo papers, also known as photographic papers, are coated making them absorb ink neatly unlike the regular printer paper that is uncoated and bleeds to the other side. With the use of the different types of photographic paper for printing photos, you will get a sharp, clean, and clearer image that high-quality photographers require.

Now, you might be trying to achieve a certain finish for your photos but is not sure what photo paper for your printer to use best. Well, look no further as we will have the different inkjet photo paper types explained.

Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper

Having that sleek and glass-like kind of texture, glossy printer paper is the most used type for digital photo printing. This type of photography paper offers you the best contrast of colors, shadows, and highlights. The glossy finish gives your photos that extra shine, sharp details, crisp, and extremely vibrant colors which will make images look more realistic and eye-catching.


Inkjet glossy paper for photo printing is best for colorful shots like Christmas, wedding photos, portraits, outdoor, landscape, still-life photos, or even for forensic ones. As long as you want that sharp, clear, bright, and color-popping on your photos then glossy photo paper is your best friend.


Glossy photo papers, however, are challenging to look at from different angles due to light reflection and can show more glare so it would be a bit problematic if the photo is intended to be framed. This photographic paper type is also vulnerable to fingerprints and scratches easily too, so, we won't recommend this type of photo paper if the photo you are trying to print will be handled or touched.

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Inkjet Matte Photo Paper

Did you know that glossy and photo matte printing paper is the same in the chemical coating? Yup, you've read that right. The only difference is that the matte photo printing paper does not have the extra shiny layer that has been added to the glossy ones resulting in a more muted feel to it which is great for light or less vibrant color schemes. This type of photographic paper gives you that soft, smooth, and fine look on colors. Since matte finish does not have the extra gloss, this helps in making your photos smudge and fingerprint resistant which professional photographers prefer most of the time. On top of that, this type of photo paper gives off no glare and also minimizes light reflection so photos printed on matte photo papers are enjoyable to look at from every angle when displayed behind glass.


Matte inkjet photo paper type is more on texture so it is a recommended type if the printout will be written on with a ballpoint pen, like scrapbooks. It is also commonly used in brochure and flyer printing as it does not show fingerprints or smudges. This type of photography paper is best to use for monochrome shots such as building shots or achieving that film-like effect. On top of that, matte ones are one of the top choices when it comes to printing black and white photos as it will make the final product look very professional, that's why it is mostly preferred by industrial and business professionals for printing. We also highly recommend matte photo paper if your photos will be displayed in highly illuminated areas like living rooms or if placed anywhere near lights.


Printing matte finish type of photo paper will result in not having that color boost that glossy photo paper offers since it lacks shine. It also minimizes the sharpness of a photo unlike the glossy ones so the image may look a bit grainer because of the enhanced texture in photo matte printing paper.

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Inkjet Lustre Photo Paper

Wondering which kind of photo paper photo labs usually use? That, my friend, is the lustre photo paper that has been used by pro photo labs for decades as a standard or default option for prints. It has that semi-gloss or is in-between matte and glossy finish look to it. Its surface is satin-like with a visual appearance that is the same as that of a pearl. This type of photo paper gives you that subtle texture of a matte finish which is useful in withstanding scratches, fingerprints, and scuffs from handling while at the same time, having that rich color saturation and tones of the glossy photo printing paper but with a lesser glare which makes it easy to be viewed from different angles.


If you want that pebble or pearly-like surface with a subtle gloss finish that photo labs usually use, then the lustre photo paper is the best fit for you. This photo paper is the most popular choice for wedding pictures, photo albums, newborn or baby photos, portraits, and school photos. Just like the matte photo printing paper, lustre photo finish is also ideal to use for framing and display in your living room or gallery.


Lustre photo finish type of photographic paper won't give that rich contrast a glossy photo paper offers. Also, some images might appear slightly darker than they should be.

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Inkjet Canvas Photo Paper

If you are looking for that frameless look and painting-like finish on your photos, we highly recommend the canvas photo print paper for inkjet printers. This type of photo paper is best if you are planning to sell a professional type of artwork as it is mainly ideal for art. Due to its texture, canvas photo paper shows no glare or reflections which many users of this photo paper loved. With the use of this photo paper type, printing a large and panoramic image size is not a problem. Your high-quality-looking, large size prints can be displayed to a given wall space even in somewhat humid areas like bathrooms. For large prints, this paper type for photo printing is also an affordable option compared to the other kind of photo paper due to its durable plain weaving. On top of that, its frameless border adapts to any room style and enhances many décor designs too.


If you want that paint-like effect then this kind of photographic paper is the best. Photos with a lot of details, bold colors, unique shapes, family photos, abstract designs, landscapes, etc are ideal for canvas photo paper for inkjet printers. If you want to print a replica of fine artworks, backdrops, commercial artworks, or even just for home décor, this type of photo paper will be a perfect choice.


On canvas, the colors on the images are less vibrant and not as deep as the other photo printing paper types. Also, the images on a canvas photo print paper when printed can no longer be changed or is already permanent unlike the other types of photo paper wherein you can swap it out of a frame anytime.

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Inkjet Woven Photo Paper

Woven photo paper is ideal to use if you want that white as snow and smooth look on your photos. This photography paper type gives images more heavy sense and that 'flat' feel to it. If you are wondering what photography paper to use for the Great Wall of China photo, then woven photo paper is perfect for it.


It is a preferred choice for architectural marvel shots or monuments and the likes.


The colors on images will not be as vibrant as the glossy finish ones.

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Inkjet Textured Photo Paper

If you want that more 'physical' approach on your image either through touch or sight, textured photo paper is the perfect kind of photographic paper to use. Because of its surface texture, this inkjet photo printing paper type makes the light-colored parts of the photo visible while less obvious in black areas which adds depth and a 3D sense to the images. Textured photo prints are also fingerprint, smudge, and scratch-resistant so it works well if photos will be handled, framed without glass, or even displayed in a book.


This type of finish is perfect for personal stationery, menus, business letterhead, or even business cards.


Image colors printed on textured photo paper won't be as eye-catching as the glossy ones.

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Inkjet Sticker Paper

Photo sticker printer paper works the same as regular photo paper but with the addition of adhesive. Unlike other precut sticker papers with predetermined label sizes and shapes, our photo sticker printer paper is entirely sticker-able! Create and design your sticker projects with confidence and without limitations.

CompAndSave offers two types of printable sticker paper - glossy sticker paper and matte sticker paper. If you want your photo sticker paper to be vibrant in colors and eye-catching, the glossy sticker paper is the way to go, but if you don't want that extra sheen and prefer a more subtle look to your sticker, our matte photo printable sticker paper is for you. Feel free to check the above description for glossy and matte photo paper for more information.


Sticker photo paper is great to use if you want to have your customized stickers for business, labels, décor, or even planner stickers.


You need to be extra careful in handling sticker photo paper as they can easily get damaged or torn.


School and DIY craft projects, labels, name tags, decorative stickers.

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Inkjet Transferable Paper

Iron-on transferable paper is used to transfer texts, images, etc. to cotton fabrics through heat press or home iron. There are two types of iron-on transfer paper for Inkjet printers - light and dark transfer paper. Let's learn about each type and their different application processes so you'll know which transfer paper is the best fit for your project.

Light Transfer Paper

This type of transfer paper's material is different from the dark one due to its transluscent background so it is highly recommended to use only on white or very light-colored cotton fabrics like cream, pale shade of pink, pale pastels and the like as long as it is not too dark. Light transfer papers are specifically designed to have its background blend into the fabric when applied so you will get the result you wish to have if you are trying to use light cotton fabrics for your project, especially if you would trim the edges of the background first and just leave a small portion of it so it will blend nicely to the fabric once applied in mirror image.


Light transfer paper is best for white, light or pale colored cotton fabrics.


Light iron-on transfer papers are not advisable to be used on synthetic fabric as it tend to be more sensitive to heat and might cause issues on your prints.

Dark Transfer Paper

In contrast to light T-shirt transfer paper, dark transferable paper is best to use on black or any colored fabrics even white but we still recommend using the light transfer paper for the light ones for best results. Dark transfer paper is designed in a way that whatever your cotton fabric's color is, the background will not show any color nor affect the images you will be transferring on to the fabric unlike the light transfer paper one. Another advantage for the dark transfer paper is its application process. Unlike light transfer paper that needs to be printed on reverse or mirror image, dark transfer paper only requires you to peel off the image and then carefully lay it on the fabric. After all this, you can go ahead and iron it using a home iron.


Dark transfer paper is best to use on black, dark or any colored cotton fabrics in printing your favorite pictures or words on t-shirts, pillows, tote bags, and others.


Dark iron-on transfer papers are not advisable to be used on synthetic fabric as it tend to be more sensitive to heat and might cause issues on your prints.

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Inkjet Magnet Sheets

Interested in creating your own fridge magnets at home? Now you can with the use of your printer and our printable magnet sheets! Adhesive magnetic sheets are a great and fun tool to express your creativity. The back of the entire sheet is magnetic giving you a wider range for your imagination to go wild. Create magnetic pieces of art for easy, adjustable, decorative displays. Unlike sticker photo papers, printable magnet sheets can easily be removed, giving you more freedom to change the look and feel of your projects in the matter of minutes!

CompAndSave offers two different types of printable magnet sheets - the glossy magnet sheets and matte finish ones so you can choose a sheet that fits your preferred finish. If you want to know the difference between the two, feel free to check our detailed description above for reference.


Printable magnet sheets are totally the perfect choice for a fun, fast, and affordable way to add color and life to almost anything and everything - from custom-made name tags to a beautiful and eye-catching graphic for your home or business. You can also use it for signage, educational tools, business cards, home decoration, and for any type of craft purposes.


Adhesive magnetic sheets are not safe to use in LaserJet type of printers due to the materials in them. For inkjet printers, you always need to make sure that the printing tray does not push out flat, or it may cause deformations in your printed photos. You also need to be extra careful and not expose it to water or sunlight as it will make the printable magnet sheets brittle and would affect its magnetic hold. There is also a tendency for your printer to heat up or even get damaged when used for a long time so it would be quite risky if you are using an old printer.


Printing customized fridge magnets for self, gifts, & promotional business swag.

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Inkjet Printable Fabric

Unlike transfer paper, printable fabric sheets give you the ease of printing your creation directly onto the paper just like regular photo paper. Printable fabric is lightweight and gives you the freedom to roll it up, fold it, store it, and ship with ease!We offer three different types of printable fabric for you to choose from. Let's do a quick rundown about the different types of printable fabrics to help you decide which will be the perfect fit for your project.

Cotton Canvas Fabrics

If you want your printed photos to look ‘realistic', the cotton canvas fabric would be the best pick. This type of printable fabric is exceptional for high-end portraits, photography, and print work. It also gives true color reproduction making your photos look so real. Our cotton canvas fabric features a white coating and lightly textured matte finish, giving you that same look and feel of canvases used by artists for watercolor or painting with oils.


Cotton canvas fabrics are best to use for unique works of art, printing fine art reproductions, portraits, still life photos, landscapes, or special events like anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and the likes.

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Oil Canvas Fabrics

Our oil canvas fabrics, also known as poly-cotton fabrics, feature a white coating and are made up of cotton and polyester fiber. It's light and there will be no shrinkage or bubbles when printing.


Can be used for photo albums or can also be displayed behind a glass frame. Oil canvas fabrics are also perfect for indoor decorations or commercial area decor.

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Sail Canvas Fabrics

Print high-quality photographs and art reproductions with our premium printable sail canvas fabric. Our sail canvas features a white coating and is made primarily of cotton and polyester which helps in making your photos into a more personalized and professional-looking canvas. Our sail canvas weighs 150g each, meaning it can be used in most inkjet printers in the market.


This type of printable fabric is ideal for printing high-quality, fine art reproductions and photographs.

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Have you decided on the best type of photographic paper for printing photos to use that suits your style and needs? Another way to check is to give inkjet photo paper for printer a try. Print out different photos in different photo printing paper, sticker paper, transferable paper, magnet sheets, and printable fabric so you can see the results for yourself.


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