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Photo Paper

Ever had difficulties uploading pictures to local image stores for printouts? We hear you.

CompAndSave.com carries not only a complete line of printer cartridges, but also high quality photo paper for your home and business use. With everyday low-price and one-year money back guarantee, you will be thrilled by our great products and deep discounts. No more in-store pickup trips. Enjoy big savings sitting at home and your office. Order today and we ship your orders in 24 hours.

Shop by Paper Size

Shop by Paper Type

CompAndSave carries a variety of photo paper choices for different printing projects. Which paper surface will perfectly complement the image you are ready to print? We have a handy guide here for you.

  • Glossy Photo Paper
  • Glossy photo paper has a very smooth and shiny reflective surface. The finishes have a high-contrast appearance and look slick to the touch when not under glass.

  • Matte Photo Paper
  • Matte photo paper is a very smooth and non-glare surface. Matte finishes have a lower-contrast when printed and are often used to enhance the texture of a print.

  • Lustre Photo Paper
  • Most portraits and wedding photos are typically printed on Lustre finish paper. It has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. The finishes are "between" glossy and matte.

  • Canvas Photo Paper
  • Canvas paper has a fabric texture which is very pronounced and decorative. With this cloth-like appearance, canvas photo paper prints are great for scrapbooking, framing and gift ideas.

What We Have

You can either search by paper size or paper type. All items qualify 1-Year Money Back Guarantee.

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