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Brother HL-4150CDN Toner Cartridges

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Compatible Brother HL-4150CDN Toner Cartridges from $24.99

High yield cartridge. Contains more ink and print more pages.
Brother TN315 Toner Set Cartridges Combo Pack of 4
Compatible Brother TN315 Toner Set Cartridges 4-Pack - High Yield: 1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow
Retail Price: $439.96

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High yield cartridge. Contains more ink and print more pages.
Brother TN315BK Toner Cartridge - TN315BK Black
Retail Price: $102.49

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Retail Price: $176.49

Save $46.50 (26% off retail price)

High yield cartridge. Contains more ink and print more pages.
Brother TN315C Toner Cartridge - TN315C Cyan
Compatible Brother TN315C Toner Cartridge - Cyan - High Yield
Retail Price: $112.49

Save $87.50 (78% off retail price)

High yield cartridge. Contains more ink and print more pages.
Brother TN315M Toner Cartridge - TN315M Magenta
Compatible Brother TN315M Toner Cartridge - Magenta - High Yield
Retail Price: $112.49

Save $87.50 (78% off retail price)

High yield cartridge. Contains more ink and print more pages.
Brother TN315Y Yellow Toner Cartridge - TN315Y Toner
Retail Price: $112.49

Save $87.50 (78% off retail price)


How do you change the toner on a Brother HL-4150CDN?

  1. Ensure that your printer is on.
  2. Press the release button on top of your printer to open the front cover.
  3. Take out the drum unit with the empty Brother HL-4150CDN toner cartridge from your printer by pulling it towards your direction until it stops.
  4. Remove the empty toner out of the drum unit by pushing it down to unlock it from its slot.
  5. Release the corona wire cover by pushing its latches from both sides. Next, open the cover and clean the drum unit's corona wire by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and vice versa several times to avoid vertical stripes in printed pages.
  6. Once done cleaning the drum unit's corona wire, you can go ahead and close it.
  7. Get your new Brother 4150CDN toner and rock it gently six times from side to side to evenly spread the toner powder.
  8. Open the cartridge over a sink or garbage can to avoid any mess in case of a powder leak, as sometimes, factories tend to overfill the toner cartridges. Avoid touching the bottom part of the toner, then remove the covering tape that is usually bright in color as well as the plastic protective case, if there is, before installing it.
  9. Insert the new Brother HL-4150CDN cartridge into its drum until you hear a click sound, indicating that it is locked in place.
  10. Install the drum unit with the toner Brother HL-4150CDN in it into the printer until it stops.
  11. Close the printer's front cover. Wait for the printer's LCD to return to Ready Mode or standby mode before you turn off or open its front cover.

Brother HL-4150CDN Toner Cartridges FAQ

Do all Brother printers use the same toner?
The answer is no. Each printer model is designed to work only for a specific toner. For example, Brother HL-4150CDN printer is designed to only accept standard yield Brother TN310 and high yield Brother TN315 toner cartridges that come in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Installing a different toner model to Brother HL-4150CDN printer will cause damage to the printer.
Can you refill Brother toner cartridges?
Yes, you can, given that you have the complete tools and instructions on how to refill it on your own but please note that you have to replace some worn out parts of the toner and drum unit as well for it to become successful. If you are not that confident in refilling it yourself, then we highly encourage you to have it refilled through stores that offer refilling services instead. If you choose to purchase a new one, we at CompAndSave offer a wide variety of cheap printer toner cartridges at a much lesser price without compromising its quality. Our Brother 4150CDN toner are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM specifications, which will save you from all the trouble of going through the process of refilling a toner cartridge.

Compatible Brother HL-4150CDN Toner Cartridges Reviews