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HP DeskJet 670c Ink Cartridges

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Our products will never void your printer's warranty.

Replacement HP DeskJet 670c Ink Cartridges from $9.99

Retail Price: $34.99

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Retail Price: $44.99

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Retail Price: $64.99

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HP 29 Ink Cartridge 51629A Black, Single Pack
Replacement HP 29 Ink Cartridge - 51629A - Black
Retail Price: $34.99

Save $25.00 (71% off retail price)

HP 49 Ink Cartridge - Tri-color, Single Pack
Replacement HP 49 Ink Cartridge - Tri-color - 51649A
Retail Price: $34.99

Save $23.00 (66% off retail price)


How to install HP DeskJet 670c ink cartridge?

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Open the top cover. The ink cartridge's carriage will automatically move, so make sure to wait for it to completely stop moving before you proceed.
  3. Remove the used cartridge by raising the cartridge doors, then sliding it out gently.
  4. Get your new CompAndSave HP DeskJet 670c cartridge. Open it over a sink or garbage can to avoid any mess in case it leaks, as sometimes, factories tend to overfill the ink cartridges. Make sure to touch the black plastic part only, then remove the covering tape that is usually bright in color along with the plastic protective case, if there is, before installing it.
  5. Press the new HP 670c ink cartridge firmly into the cradle until it snaps into place.
  6. Close the top cover.

HP DeskJet 670c Ink Cartridge FAQs

How do I know what ink cartridge I need?
The best way to check what specific cartridge your printer uses is by checking your printer manual, cartridge package, or by doing a quick search using your printer name. If you need more specific instructions, you can check our guide What Ink Does My Printer Use. CompandSave offers replacement HP 29 black ink cartridge and HP 49 tri-color ink cartridge for your HP DeskJet 670c printer.
Can I refill HP DeskJet cartridge?
You can have your HP DeskJet cartridges refilled up to three times. However, it is not recommended since it can cause printing issues such as smudges, unevenness, and poor print quality. If you wish to refill an empty ink cartridge, you will need the right tools and instructions to refill it properly. CompAndSave offers a wide variety of cheap printer ink cartridges at a much lesser price without compromising their quality if you choose to purchase a new one. Our ink cartridges are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM specifications, which will save you from all the trouble of going through the process of refilling an ink cartridge.

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