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CompAndSave Affiliate Program

Earn some easy cash through our CompAndSave Affiliate Program!

Start generating income today by advertising our products.

We have 2 different networks that we work with, ShareASale and LinkConnector. They offer easy sign-up, commission based pay process, trusted third-party tracking, and real-time reporting!


  • 15% commission on every sale you generate

  • 45-day tracking cookie

  • Catalog of over 2,000 products

  • Dedicated program management

  • Monthly coupons and promotions

  • Huge market potential—many people use at least one printer at home or in the office

  • Simple Step-by-Step Process

Go through this straightforward sign-up process and you'll begin earning cash from your site in no time.

  1. Sign up with ShareASale or LinkConnector and complete their registration instructions.

  2. Retrieve the referral link or banner from your account.

  3. Post the referral link and banners on your website, forum, chat room, blog, email, newsletter, or anywhere online that is visible to potential customers.

  4. Customers who visit our store through your referral link or banner will be tracked by your chosen affiliate network. If they purchase from us, the system will be notified automatically.

  5. The affiliate network then sends the commission to you by deducting from our pre-deposited funds account. You are able to view and track all referral reports through your account at any time.


Free Sign Up
Join our affiliate program today—it's free! If you have further questions, please read our Affiliate Program Agreement or email us and we'll gladly address your concerns.

Affliates Program Agreement: