Help Center - Why does my USB Cable No Longer Fit into My Laptop's USB Ports?

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Why does my USB Cable No Longer Fit into My Laptop's USB Ports?

If the USB connector of your USB Cable no longer fits into your laptop's USB port, there may be a problem with either the cable or the port.

To find out which one is damaged, the safest way to find out is by comparing them with a functioning USB connector and a functioning USB port with a magnifying glass.

Use the magnifying glass to look closely at the USB cable's connector and compare it with the functioning USB connector. Do the same for your laptop's USB port and the functioning USB port. Use a flashlight if needed.

You can also compare them by connecting the functioning connector and functioning port. At this point, you may see something out of place with either the USB connector or the laptop's USB port. You will then know which one to replace.

Another way is to connect the functioning connector to your laptop's USB port. But this may end up damaging the functioning connector. The same thing may happen when the functioning USB port is connected to the USB cable. Be gentle when doing so.

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