Help Center - Can I Print from My Mobile Phone Using a USB Cable?

Can I Print from My Mobile Phone Using a USB Cable?

Yes, if your mobile phone supports USB OTG (on the go) cable, it would be able to detect the printer upon connection.  Then your phone would be able to print directly to the printer.

A USB OTG cable has a USB Type-A connector in one end and a Micro-USB connector in another.

If your phone does not support USB OTG cable, you can still print via Bluetooth if both your phone and printer have Bluetooth features.

Here are the general rules on how to print in mobile with a USB OTG cable:

  1. Download and install a printer app in your phone. This can be a printer app from your printer's manufacturer. Or a third-party printer app that is compatible to any printer such as PrinterShare.
  2. Turn on your printer. Connect the USB OTG cable to your printer and smartphone.
  3. Your printer app may automatically open upon detecting the cable. Open your printer app. In the printer app, follow the prompts to configure cable connection and begin printer driver installation in your smart phone.
  4. You can now print through the printer app or open the document and print from there.