Help Center - How do I Replace Ribbon Cartridge?

How do I Replace Ribbon Cartridge?

When the message "Ribbon Empty - Reset or Replace" appears, its ribbon cartridge has run out and needs to be replaced. Here is how to replace the ribbon cartridge of a Brother Fax machine:

  1. Open the top cover of the machine by lifting the lever on the top cover's right side.
  2. Remove the used ribbon cartridge.
  3. Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its package box and packing material. You will find the cartridge, and two ribbon rolls.
  4. Assemble the ribbon rolls into the cartridge. With the shiny side of the ribbon face down, connect the left end of the full lower ribbon roll to the cartridge's white spool. Connect the upper blue core of the upper ribbon roll to the blue gear of the cartridge.

    Illustration of how to assemble ribbon rolls into cartridges
  5. Connect the right side of the ribbon rolls to the cartridge's holders.
  6. To tighten the ribbon, turn the upper right white spool clockwise.
  7. Flip the cartridge over and install it to your machine.
  8. Close the cover of the fax machine.

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