Help Center - Are These Waterproof Printer Ink That Can Be Used Outdoors?

Are These Waterproof Printer Ink That Can Be Used Outdoors?

We have pigment-based ink available that when paired with waterproof printer paper, effectively becomes waterproof labels and documents. Pigment-based ink also has superior fade resistant feature of up to two years in an outdoors environment. 

Pigment-based ink is made of pigment particles that are suspended and not dissolved in its liquid solution. It enters the pores of printer paper and resists being washed off or degrade by UV light and other elements.

Waterproof printer paper works by having special plastic coatings and fiber that stays in shape and texture against outside elements.

Dye-based ink would not be able to last long under sunlight as the UV radiation outdoors will make ink fade faster. On a cold weather, it will expand as it freezes. This can crack ink cartridges due to the pressure caused by the ink expansion.

Certain cartridge models carry pigment-based ink which is a fade-resistant, waterproof printer ink. Please check your printer if its cartridges carry pigment-based ink. Don't forget to pair the ink with waterproof printer paper such as waterproof inkjet sticker papers.


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