Help Center - How to Connect Two Laptops Using USB Cable?

How to Connect Two Laptops Using USB Cable?

You can connect two laptops with a USB transfer cable. This device has an electronic circuit in the middle with Type-A USB connectors on both ends.

It is important that you'll have the right device. Never connect a Type-A USB port directly to another Type-A USB port without an electronic device in the middle. The universal USB cable often has Type-A connector on one end and a Type-B connector on another, which can either be a USB 2.0 A - B cable or a 3.0 A - B USB cable. This is because power comes from the Type-A ports and Type-B ports receive it.

Connecting two Type-A ports together will result in both trying to power each other, which can damage the devices they are part of.

To remedy this, USB transfer cables have an electronic circuit in the middle to act as a buffer and bridge them together.

Here are the general instructions on how to use a USB Transfer Cable:

  1. Turn on both laptops. Make sure each of their operating system is running smoothly.
  2. Attach the USB Transfer Cable on Laptop 1. Wait for Laptop 1 to recognize the cable.
  3. Attach the other end of the USB Transfer Cable to Laptop 2. Wait for Laptop 2 to recognize the cable.
  4. If you are using Windows 8 in Laptop 1, click the Windows Start icon in the Windows taskbar in the lower left corner of the screen.
  5. Look for the magnifying glass icon in the right corner of your screen and click it. This will open the search bar.
  6. Type "windows easy transfer" in the search bar and press Enter.
  7. Follow the prompts of the Windows Easy Transfer window.
  8. Wait for the transfer to complete.

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