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HP Toner Recycling Guide

Millions of printer cartridges has been filling our landfills which is, as you may already know, harmful to our environment. Since you are in this page, we would like to thank you for considering having your empty HP toner cartridges recycled to minimize waste and save the environment.

CompAndSave does not accept empty ink or toner cartridges but we can help you find stores that accepts empty toner cartridges.

HP Toner Recycling Program

To start, let's talk about HP toner cartridge recycling program. It is an easy way to recycle HP LaserJet cartridges that you have. You can either drop it off at a retailer like Staples, Office Depot, Walmart and Best Buy. Office Depot and Staples and other popular office supply stores exchange your empty toner cartridges for store credit which can be used in your next purchase. We advise you to check with your local office supply if they have this kind of offer to be sure.

You can also send them through mail using the mail-able envelope that is sent along your toner cartridges. If you will be returning a large amount of empty toners, you can contact HP or check their HP toner recycling page for more information and shipping instructions. Sounds efficient right? It's free shipping too!

You can check HP for more information:

Buy-Back Companies

There are also some places that accepts empty HP toner for cash. Talk about hitting two birds in one stone! HP toner recycling can't get better than this. Feel free to check the following websites below that accepts and recycle HP LaserJet cartridges for cash.

UsRecycleInk, Cash4Toners and NeedEmpty are one of the buy-back sites that offers HP toner cartridge recycling program. They will pay you well for your used cartridges with free shipping, which makes it more convenient.

You can also recycle HP LaserJet cartridges for a good cause while earning. Dazz Cycle, Cartridges for Kids and FundingFactory buys empty cartridges from schools and/or organizations which encourages students to care for the environment. Turning 'Trash into Cash." as they call it.

There are a lot of ways to recycle HP Laserjet cartridges. This is way better than tossing it away and harm our environment. If you are unsure on how to dispose of your used cartridges, you can reach out to HP toner recycling program page or visit your nearest office supply stores for suggestions and options.

With this little step, you are already doing a huge help to save our planet. Thank you for recycling!

Note: These stores does not buy generic, remanufactured or compatible toner cartridges. Please make sure that the toner cartridges you want to recycle is in condition too.