Help Center - How to get HP printer to accept compatible cartridges? (HP 414A/414X)

How to get HP printer to accept compatible cartridges? (HP 414A/414X)

This guide will help bypass errors when installing replacement HP 414A and 414X toner cartridges in the following printers:

Before you install your new compatible HP toner cartridges, take note of the following:

  • Make sure your printer is on.
  • Open the toner cartridge over sink or trash can to avoid powder leaks.
  • Before installing the toner cartridge, remove the black paper and seal.

HP LaserJet Toner Replacement Guide (HP M454dn/M454dw Series)

Non-HP toner cartridges cause non-recognition or low ink error messages because third-party manufacturers recycle original HP toner cartridges and the ink chip. When you install a new third-party toner cartridge, the printer will recognize it as empty or low-ink, as it was before recycling. Read on to find out how to get around it.


Error Message: Used or Counterfeit Cartridges


If you are prompted with this error message, press OK to continue.


Once it says Ready on screen display, this means you can resume normal printing operation.



HP LaserJet Toner Replacement Guide (HP M479 Printer Series)

Error Message: Used or Counterfeit Installed


If this error message appears, press the OK button to continue.


Once done, you can now resume printing.



Other Errors When Printing and How to Fix Them

1. Cartridge Low

If "Cartridge Low" appears, click Snooze and choose 2 Months.



2. Used or Counterfeit Cartridge In Use

When prompted with "Used or Counterfeit Cartridge In Use," click Snooze and then, select 2 Months.


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