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Printer Brands Ink Cartridge Recycling Guide

What Happens during Ink Cartridge Recycling?

If a used inkjet or toner cartridge is recycled, they are often being sent to be remanufactured. Before it reaches that point, a cartridge will first go through several steps of inspection before it is deemed fitting to be used in the remanufacturing process. If the cartridge is too damaged it will not be used for remanufacturing. However, about 90% of all returned cartridges are approved for toner and ink cartridge recycling, so there are very few that end up being discarded.

• Dell Recycling Guide

For USA, Dell has a Mail-back Recycling Program to pick up used Dell products for free.

For Dell appliances and printer cartridge recycling, you can print your shipping label by visiting the Dell Recycling Program page, and completing their form.

Since they have partnered with FedEx, you can drop the packaged e-waste to a local FedEx location or schedule with Go-FedEx for a pickup.

• Lexmark Recycling Guide

Original Dell package boxes have a return label included for toner and ink cartridge recycling.

To return the used cartridges, use the bag from your new cartridges to seal them first. Pack them in the package box of the new cartridges or the package box of the old one if you still have it.

Genuine Lexmark products have a return label included in their box. Attach it to the package in order for return pick up by your designated carrier. Learn more here.

For Lexmark Equipment Collection program, click here.

• Brother Recycling Guide

For Brother ink and toner cartridge recycling, simply print a free shipping label with your Brother account. Pack the items using their own shipping box. Drop it off to any USPS location.

• Canon Recycling Guide

Canon has appliance and ink and toner cartridge recycling programs for most countries. You can print a US return label from their site. The old cartridges must be repackaged using the new cartridges' box. Then after securing the return label on the box, it can be dropped off to a UPS store or be given to your UPS driver.

• Epson Recycling Guide

Epson hardware can be returned through mail with a pre-paid shipping label.

Epson's printer cartridge recycling program for Epson ink supplies is to mail them to Epson America, Inc.'s Recycling Center.

For Epson AcuLaser Series Toner, the user can obtain an electronic pre-paid return label from their website.

• HP Recycling Guide

HP has recycle programs for most of its products and by location. For HP cartridges, they can be dropped off to your nearest store such as Staples, Best Buy, Office Depotimax or Walmart.

They can also be returned after printing free shipping labels.

For more than 76 toner cartridges or ore than 1,000 ink cartridges, a pickup can be scheduled.

Did you know that 375 million cartridges are disposed each year? To learn more how you can play your part in reducing printer e-waste, click here.

For more information about HP's recycling program, feel free to check our 'HP Toner Recycling Guide' page.