Help Center - How can I recycle my printer?

How can I recycle my printer?


If your printer is broken or otherwise cannot be resold, your best option is to recycle your printer. Here are ways to do it.

Recycler Locator

Listing websites for equipment recycling, refurbishing and donating contain addresses and contact information of recycling centers.


e-Stewards allows you to look for a recycling center within 50 mile radius of your location.


Earth911 is a nonprofit organization. It has over 100,000 listings as North America's most extensive recycling databases.

Recycle Drop-Off

For your convenience, there are local chain stores that accepts printers for recycling.


This office supply chain lets you drop off your used printers to your local Staples store. You can even call to schedule a pick-up with a request for box and packaging. (Note: Staples has suspended its recycle program during the COVID-10 crisis.)

Best Buy

Best Buy is another office supply store that offers to recycle your used printer. It charges a fee to haul it away. However, it also offers a 15% discount to their new HP printers in exchange. (Note: Best Buy has suspended its recycle program during the COVID-10 crisis.)

Recycling by Brand

If you wish to return your printer to your printer manufacturer for recycling, here is how each manufacturer does it.


Dell has a recycling page for used printer and printer supplies. By choosing a country, you can choose whether to recycle, donate or trade for a Dell Gift Card. 


Lexmark has a recycling page for printers based on the user's state location. Customers can drop off or mail back their printers to certain addresses and Lexmark will recycle it for free.


Brother offers recycling options based on state location. If you don't find a recycling option, you can mail back your used printer to Brother International Corp. Recycling Program address. They will then recycle it for you.


Canon provides how to recycle your printers based on your state location.


Epson allows you t print a pre-paid FedEx shipping label so that you can mail your printer to them. You can also contact FedEx to schedule a pick up if you're not able to drop off your package.


HP helps you recycle your printer based on your region and country. In the US, HP has partnered with BestBuy so that customers can drop off their printers to their stores for recycling.