Help Center - Where to Donate Printers Near Me: Explore Nearby Options for Giving

Where to Donate Printers Near Me: Explore Nearby Options for Giving

Instead of sending your old, functional printer to the curb to become waste, why not consider donating it? In this guide, let's talk about why donating your printer is not just a nice thing but a really cool idea for everyone! And guess what? We'll also find out “where to donate printers near me?”

In this guide, we will discuss:

  • Why Donate Printer: Protect and Share Possibilities
  • Where to Donate Printers Near Me: Options to Choose From

Why Donate Printer: Protect and Share Possibilities

Sharing printers is like spreading good vibes! It's a way to share the power of technology and make someone's life a bit easier. Additionally, here are some reasons why you should donate old printers:

1. Help Those in Need

 - When you donate printer, you are providing schools, low-income families, and non-profit organizations with the equipment they may be unable to afford. Your donated printer can become a helpful tool for teachers, students, and community projects, making printing accessible for them.

2. Less Trash

 - Giving away a printer instead of tossing it out is a positive step for our planet. It lowers the amount of electronic waste that can harm our environment. It's like finding a new home for the printer, where it can be helpful instead of just sitting in a landfill.

3. Saving Resources

 - Donating a printer helps a lot because it reduces the need to make a new one. This is good for the environment because it saves resources and lessens the impact of making new electronic stuff. Your kind act makes a difference in being more eco-friendly.

Where to Donate Printers Near Me: Options to Choose From

 - The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that electronics waste makes up approximately one percent of the municipal waste stream and is expected to grow three times the rate of other municipal wastes as time goes on. You can help change that when you donate used printers and other electronic hardware.

So, where to donate printers near me? 

You can find locations to donate printer by visiting the following sites:

1. Pickup Please Organization

Pickup Please Organization allows you to schedule a pickup online for items you wish to donate to Vietnam Veterans of the US. The good news is that your donations would be tax deductible.

2. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes allows you to donate your used printers, tablets, laptops, and gadgets (including printers) to their partnered nonprofit organizations. Your donation also makes it eligible for tax deduction.

3. FreeCycle Organization

In FreeCycle Organization, you can sign up to offer your old printer to be given away. You can also browse groups based on locations near you who wants a printer. This way, equipment does not end up in dump sites.

4. Digitunity

As a national nonprofit, they're on a mission to ensure everyone who needs a computer gets one. Just enter your ZIP code in their technology donation platform, and it will list organizations needing a printer within a 50-mile radius. They happily accept donations of tablets, PCs, printers, and copiers.

5. e-Stewards

e-Stewards certified electronics recyclers and refurbishers are a reliable solution for your retired electronic assets. As part of their program, e-Stewards refurbishes donated old printers and provides them to low-income communities. To get in touch with them, you can send an email to or give them a call at +1 (206) 436 – 8595.

6. ReConnect

ReConnect is a Dell and Goodwill NNE partnership based in Northern New England. They refurbish used printers and sell them at affordable prices in Goodwill retail stores. Aside from printers, you can also donate cords and cables, hard drives, ink or toner cartridges, keyboards, and other electronic gadgets.

7. e-Bay for Charity

Your chance to make a meaningful contribution is here with eBay for Charity! Sell your used printer on their platform and choose to donate 10% or more of your profit to the charity of your choice. With over 225,000 charities already reaping the benefits, your contribution through eBay for Charity becomes a powerful way to help those in need.

8. EALgreen

You can contribute to a sustainable cycle with EALGreen, where surplus goods from your companies and corporations find a new purpose in colleges and universities. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free donation pick-ups while securing valuable tax benefits. It's not just a donation; it's your chance to make a difference personally! 

Aside from printer donations for nonprofits, cartridges can also be donated, sold, or recycled. You can recycle cartridges in several ways. Learn more from our step-by-step guide on where to recycle ink cartridges.

Parting Words

Now you know “where to donate printers near me?” The question is, are you ready? 

Feel free to check out the websites recommended in this guide to discover how to make the most of your old printers. By doing so, you'll not only assist those in need but also contribute to minimizing electronic waste in landfills. Make the step toward positive change—donate your old printer today!

Key takeaways:

  • When you donate printer, you assist schools, families, and non-profits who might not afford one, positively impacting education and community projects.
  • Donating printers reduces the need to make new ones, saving materials and lessening environmental impact. Your small act makes a big difference!
  • Whether it's e-Stewards, Dell Reconnect, or eBay for Charity, there are diverse ways to donate your printer, each contributing to different causes. Choose an option that aligns with your values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I donate printers that are not in working condition?

Yes, many organizations accept printers even if they're not in working condition. They often have processes in place to refurbish or responsibly recycle non-functional printers. Donating a non-working printer can still be valuable, as parts or materials may be salvaged for other purposes. Check with the specific donation platform or organization for their policies on accepting non-functional items. Your effort to donate a non-working printer contributes to environmental sustainability by diverting electronic waste from landfills.

2. Are printer donations tax-deductible?

In many cases, yes. Organizations like Pickup Please often provide receipts for tax purposes. They usually send this receipt to your email. Just check with them directly about how it works to be sure you're doing it right and getting the benefits you should. It's a way to make your donation count even more!

3. Do I need to cover the shipping costs for my donated printer?

No, usually, you don't have to pay for shipping when you donate a printer. Many organizations, like Pickup Please, offer free pickups for your donated items, making it easy and cost-free for you. They handle the transportation part to make donating hassle-free. However, it's always good to check with the specific organization you choose to make sure about their shipping policies for donated items. This way, you can be confident that your generosity doesn't come with unexpected costs.

4. Can I donate other electronic items along with my printer?

Yes, you can usually donate more than just printers. Many places accept other electronic stuff like tablets and laptops. Before you donate, it's a good idea to check with the place you're giving to and see what they accept. Organizations have different rules about what electronic items they can take, so it's good to be sure before donating. Like with ReConnect, you can give them more than just printers. They also accept cords, cables, hard drives, ink or toner cartridges, keyboards, and other electronic stuff.

5. How can I ensure my personal data is removed from the donated printer?

To ensure your data is safe, erase it from the printer before donating. Look for instructions on how to reset or wipe data in the printer's manual or online. This way, any important info, like documents or passwords, won't go with the printer. Some organizations might also help you with this if you're unsure how to do it. Double-check and make sure your printer is all cleared out before giving it away. It's a good step to keep your info safe and make the donation smooth.

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