Help Center - When should I Print with Textured Photo Paper?

When should I Print with Textured Photo Paper?

Depending on your preferences, print with textured photo paper when you want to emphasize on the "mood" of the photo over visual impact.

Just how spices can make food tastier, textured photo paper can make photos look more interesting.

  • Smooth photo paper, such as glossy and lustre, allows ink colors to stand out in a printed photo with its coating.
  • Textured photo paper feels good to touch. Texture becomes more pronounced in light colored areas which gives nuance to photos.

Here are some of our Textured Photo Paper:

  • Canvas Photo Paper is a photo paper that has a rough canvas texture. This makes the photo printing look like an oil painting.
  • Most textured photo paper is uncoated. But our Woven Photo Paper is resin coated to add some gloss and contrast to textured photos.
  • Textured Photo Paper has a more pronounced texture than canvas photo paper.