Help Center - How Do I Tell the Printable Side of the Photo Inkjet Paper

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How Do I Tell the Printable Side of the Photo Inkjet Paper

Some inkjet photo paper are single sided. Others are double sided.

For single sided inkjet photo paper, one side is coated while the other side is a plain paper surface. It can be challenging to see which side is coated for matte and cotton canvas papers.

Here are quick ways to know which is the printable side of the photo inkjet paper:

Packaged Paper

If its still packaged in the box, the coated side is commonly side up.

Paper Marking

Fortunately, some brands put a small mark on the paper that is visible on both sides. The one with the more defined marking will be the coated side.

Paper Pattern

You can also check under bright light. The coated side would have a more even pattern. It will also look brighter and whiter than the uncoated side.

Through touch, the coated side would feel smoother. 

Damp Test

Dampen the tip of your finger and lightly touch one side of the paper. Then the other. Wherever your finger tip will slightly stick will be the coated side.