Help Center - Does a Heat Transfer Paper Wash Off?

Does a Heat Transfer Paper Wash Off?

When the heat transfer paper is not ironed on properly, it can wash off.

If the fabric is not washed properly, its iron-on transfer can also wash off.

Heat transfer paper has a cellulose coating that can be printed on. It can then be ironed on a fabric. The heat transfer paper is flexible, durable and has a degree of stretch. It is also made to be washable. When ironed on correctly, it will achieve its full durability. But eventually, it will fade or peel or crack in time.

Here are aftercare instructions to keep in mind when washing fabrics with iron-on transfers.

  • Wait for about 24 hours before washing the fabric. This will allow the iron-on transfer to fully bind with the fabric.
  • To prevent too much stress on the iron-on transfer, turn the fabric inside out so that the iron-on transfer is inside.
  • Always use machine wash for iron-on transfers. It is gentler than hand wash as it puts less stretch on the fabric and the iron-on transfer.
  • Wash at Cotton or Mixed settings, full spin cycle, in a mild water temperature of up to 40 degree Celsius.
  • Never wring out the fabric. Tumble dry instead.
  • Never wash with bleach as this will fade the colors of the print.
  • When ironing the fabric, turn the fabric inside out to prevent ironing on the iron-on transfer.