Help Center - How Can I Print Photos, Stickers, Magnets, Shirt Designs and Patches?

How Can I Print Photos, Stickers, Magnets, Shirt Designs and Patches?

You can print photos, stickers, magnets, shirt designs and patches with the right printer paper. Here are the different printer papers that you can use to print what you need.

Photo Paper

Photo printer papers have a special coating in order to hold the ink and create color contrast. The more coatings a photo paper has, the shinier the photo prints would be. Always remember that shiny photos can be difficult to view in certain angles due to light reflection.

From less to most coatings, photo paper can come in matte, semi-glossy or lustre and glossy . 

You can also buy textured photo paper to add subtlety to your photos. Our textured photo paper ranges from the smoothest to most textured: canvas, woven and textured

Sticker Paper

Sticker Paper is used to make signs, labels and decorative stickers. Similar to photo printer paper, it has coatings also to hold the ink.

Glossy sticker paper makes for good decorative stickers. While matte sticker paper is a great match for signs and labels.

Transfer Paper

Transfer paper is used to print shirt designs. After printing, the paper is ironed on a 100% cotton or poly cotton blend shirts. 

Magnet Sheets

Magnet sheets can be used to make refrigerator magnets from photos and other images such as company logos. Each sheet is a paper backed by a thin magnet. Magnet sheets come in glossy for great images and matte for easy-to-read slogans.  

Printable Fabric

Printable fabric is a paper-backed fabric that allows you to print images, cut it into a patch and sew it on clothing. This can be used to design bags, jackets, quilts and pillow cases. Ours comes from smoothest to most textured: cotton canvas, oil canvas and sail canvas.