Help Center - How do I Feed Inkjet Printer Papers into My Inkjet Printer?

How do I Feed Inkjet Printer Papers into My Inkjet Printer?

Some inkjet printer papers are heavy due to double-sided coatings or paper thickness. This can make it difficult for the printer to pull the paper into its feeding cycle during printing. Here are ways to feed inkjet printer papers into your inkjet printer.

Fan Your Paper before Loading

A printer can have a hard time pulling stacked papers into its feeding cycle. Before loading the stack into the printer, fan the papers first to unstick them from each other. This also removes paper dust that can accumulate in the printer.

Paper Tray Guide

In the printer tray, the paper tray guide can be adjusted to the width of the paper in order to hold it in position. When adjusting the paper tray guide, leave a small gap (about 1/4") between the guide and the paper to allow a guided gliding. 

Pushing Down

When feeding specialty paper, you may need to feed it one at a time. Because of its paper thickness, such as a card stock, it can be difficult for the printer to pull it into its feeding cycle. To assist your printer, gently push down the paper during the feeding cycle. Hold the corners of the paper and apply a downward, steady but gentle pressure.

Specialty Paper Feed

Some printer models have a dedicated feed path for thick or specialty inkjet printer papers. The feed path can be designed on the front or far back of the printer to avoid wrinkling while printing.

You can check your manual to see if your printer have this paper feed option. Or contact the printer company's tech assistance to answer your inquiry.

Printer's Thick Paper Feature

Some printer models have print heads that can be raised by adjusting the printer settings. This is handy especially if your prints result to scuffs and ink splotches.

Clean Your Printer Rollers

Printer rollers are small cylindrical rubber pieces that help roll the printer paper into the printer. These rollers can lose their glide when they accumulate paper dust and ink residue over time.

To clean the printer rollers, wipe them with a lint-free cloth dampened with distilled water. Dry them completely before using the printer. You can also swab rubber-rejuvenating product on the rollers to improve their glide. 

In case of paper jams, ink spills and paper dust on the printer's interior, here is how to clean your printer.