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HP printers have always been helpful for work and student projects. They're reliable tools for getting things done, whether you're printing documents for your job or tackling school assignments. Now, HP makes it even easier with its HP+ program. Well, HP+ is a subscription-based service offered by HP for some of its printer models. With HP+, you can sign up for a monthly plan with an extended warranty, automatic ink delivery, and other perks. But with these advantages, there's a downside, too – it might limit your ability to choose cheaper ink cartridges. So the real question is, is HP+ worth it? Let’s find out more what is HP+ program in this guide to help you decide if it's worth trying. Let's begin!

In this guide, we will discuss:

What is HP+ Program?

HP+ promises to modernize your printing experience by offering subscription-based services for some of its printers. Once HP+ is enabled, you can access enhanced security features, an app to monitor your printing activities, and a free HP Instant Ink subscription for six months. Here's how it works:

1. Purchase an Eligible HP Printer

Purchase printers meeting the eligibility criteria to take advantage of the HP+ program. Typically, eligible printer models have names that end with 'e.' Here is a list of qualified HP printer models:

Eligible HP+ Printers
HP Envy
  • HP Envy 6000e series (HP 67/67XL ink)
  • HP Envy 6400e series (HP 67/67XL ink)
  • HP Envy Inspire 7200e series (HP 64/64XL ink)
  • HP Envy Inspire 7900e series (HP 64/64XL ink)
HP OfficeJet
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e (HP 910/910XL ink)
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8034e (HP 910/910XL ink)
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e (HP 962/962XL ink)
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e (HP 962/962XL ink)
HP LaserJet
  • HP LaserJet M209dwe (HP 134A/134X toner)
  • HP LaserJet MFP M234we (HP 134A/134X toner)
  • HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe (HP 134A/134X toner)
  • HP LaserJet M110we (HP 141A/141X toner)
HP DeskJet
  • HP DeskJet 2755e (HP 67/67XL ink)
  • HP DeskJet 4155e (HP 67/67XL ink)
NOTE: If HP+ is enabled on your printer, CompAndSave's ink and toner will not function, be accepted, or be recognized.

2. Download the HP Smart App

Make sure that your printer is connected to the internet. Download the HP Smart App and create an HP account to set up the service. This tool gives detailed insights into your printing habits, allowing for effective management and control of your print jobs.

3. Activate the Program

For LaserJet printers, activating the program is required upon purchase. In the case of inkjets, you have the option of enrolling or not. After enabling the program, you can only use genuine cartridges all throughout the lifetime of your printer.

Is HP+ Worth It: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want a new HP printer, you might ask, "Is HP+ worth it?" Well, let's explore the benefits and drawbacks of this HP+ program. We'll look at things like extended warranties and ink delivery to help you understand if HP+ is a good choice for your printing needs. Let’s break down the pros and cons of HP+ for printers!

HP+ Program Pros

By joining the HP+ program, users get extra benefits that make printing easier. One great thing is the extended warranty, giving users more protection and peace of mind. Additionally, here are some of its advantages:

1. Free HP Instant Ink Subscription for Six Months

You'll enjoy it for free for six months with the HP Plus Program. After that, you'll need to pay the monthly fee. HP Instant Ink is a subscription program that monitors your ink levels and automatically sends you replacement cartridges before they get totally empty.

2. Extra Year of Warranty for Your HP Printer

The standard warranty HP gives its customers is one year. Activating HP+ will provide you with another year of warranty. It means the total printer warranty is two years.

3. Access to HP's Forest First Cartridge Recycling

Forest First is HP's commitment to protecting the environment and planting more trees. Every printed page has an equal investment in projects that work towards protecting and restoring forests.

4. Advanced Features with the HP Smart App

Upgrading to HP+ will give you access to the advanced features of the HP Smart app. But there's something you need to keep in mind - these advanced features will only be free for the first two years. After that, you'll have to pay to continue using them. If not, you'll still be able to use the standard features.

Take a look at the comparison between the standard and advanced features of the HP Smart app:

Feature Standard Advanced

(Free access for 2 years)

Print, Scan, and Copy ✔️ ✔️
Mobile Printing ✔️ ✔️
Print from Cloud ✔️ ✔️
Smart Tasks

(Create custom shortcuts to simplify repetitive tasks such as scanning to email or cloud storage.)

Advanced Security and Management Tools

(Advanced printer security features include access controls, password policies, automatic fixing, malware notifications, remote data wiping, device management, usage tracking, and user access level assignments.)

Printer Usage Monitoring

(Track usage, receive notifications when supplies are running low, and view detailed reports on printing activity. With HP Smart Dashboard for IT management.)

Proactive Alerts and Support

(Get proactive alerts and support for issues such as low ink levels, paper jams, and connectivity problems. With HP Smart Assistant for enhanced support.)

NOTE: This table shows examples and only covers some of the features. The actual features might differ based on the HP+ printer model and the version of the HP Smart App.

HP+ Program Cons

Now, the above features really sound good, but what about the disadvantages? Even though HP+ gives you more features and makes things easier, it's a good idea to consider any possible downsides and things to remember before you activate it. Here are some:

1. HP+ Program is Irreversible

Once you activate HP+, there's no going back. As of this writing, there are no means to deactivate it. If you find the service incompatible with your printing needs or budget, you might as well purchase a new printer.

2. Unable to Use Third-Party or Refilled OEM Cartridges

Using cheaper third-party inks is usually a money-saving choice, but once you turn on HP+, you can only use HP's genuine cartridges. Even if you stop the HP Instant Ink subscription, you still can't use cheaper third-party inks, such as compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges. HP says you can refill their original cartridges, but it's unclear if this works for HP+ printers. People who turned on HP+ have mentioned that their printer doesn't recognize refilled HP cartridges, even if they did the refilling themselves.

3. Monthly Subscription Cost

According to HP's disclaimer, you must sign up for HP Instant Ink within seven days of setting the printer up to get the first six months free. This might not be great if you're still figuring out how many pages you print each month. After the free six months, you need to pay every month. If you don't print a lot, the monthly subscription fee might cost more than buying new ink when required. And if you go over your page limit for the month, you might have to pay extra fees, which can add up fast.

4. Privacy Concerns

To use HP+, you must sign up and make an HP account, which might worry some people about privacy. HP can track info like your printer use and habits. If you're worried about sharing this data, consider looking at different printing choices.

5. Internet Connection is Required

The internet is crucial, but sometimes it may not work well. To activate HP+, you need a constant internet connection to use the HP Smart app to print. While you can still use your printer without Wi-Fi, some things might not work correctly. Checking your ink levels or HP Instant Ink usage may be delayed or show incorrect data. Without the internet, you can't fully enjoy all the features and benefits of HP+.

Should I Activate HP+: Things to Consider

Deciding whether to turn on the HP printer program depends greatly on how you print, how often you print, and how much money you have for it. To help you figure out if HP+ is a good idea for you, consider these actions:

1. Evaluate Your Printer Usage

Getting free ink or toner for six months with HP+ is helpful if you print a lot and need ink regularly. However, if you only print a few pages monthly, it's smarter to stick to buying cartridges as needed.

2. Calculate the Costs

If you're trying to spend less on printer ink and toner, ensure the benefits match your budget. Remember that joining the HP+ program means using more expensive OEM ink and toner instead of cheaper remanufactured cartridges that work just like the original. Calculate your printing costs in advance to see if they fit your budget.

For example, if you choose the 700-page monthly subscription plan for HP Instant Ink, and your printer uses HP 910/910XL cartridges, it costs 24.99 cents per month, making the cost per page 3.57 cents. In comparison, a remanufactured high-yield HP 910XL black ink cartridge prints 825 pages for only $18.95, with a cost per page of 2.3 cents. This option saves you $6.04, giving you more savings for each page you print!

3. Think Long Term

Thinking about the long-term benefits of the HP+ Program is essential if you plan to use your printer for a while. We've talked about the advantages and disadvantages above, so weigh them carefully to decide if HP+ is a good choice for you. It will still depend on your printing needs, so you must consider where to save more money on ink.

4. Read HP+ Reviews

Before deciding to activate HP+ for your HP printer, read reviews first. Checking what other people say in forums like Reddit, especially those who already use HP+, can give you useful info about how reliable, easy to use, and helpful the program is. This can guide you in making a smart choice based on your printing needs and budget.

Do I Need HP+ to Use My Printer: Steps to Setup Your Printer Without Activating

After learning what is HP+ program and considering its advantages and disadvantages, if you choose not to activate it, you can still use your HP printer without any issues. Here are the simple steps you can take to set up your printer even if you don’t activate HP+ program:

  1. Step 1: Open your printer cover and install your ink cartridges. Make sure each color goes into its correct slot. Close the printer afterward.
  2. Step 2: Look at the screen on your printer. If a message saying "get HP software" shows up, just press the "?" button.
  3. Step 3: Another message will say you need HP software for setup and HP+. Click "Cancel".
  4. Step 4: Confirm you want to continue without the software by clicking "Cancel".
  5. Step 5: A message will say, "Printer Update is Turned on". Click "OK". Now, your HP printer is ready to use without setting up HP+.

HP+ Program: Alternatives You Can Choose

If you're looking for a printing program that fits your needs but are unsure if HP+ is the right choice, you're in luck! There are various ways to cut printing costs and still get similar benefits without HP+. Let's explore these options together and discover the perfect fit for you!

Low-Cost Printing Alternatives

If you want to save more money on ink, here are some alternatives you can try:

1. Try an Ink Tank Printer

Use printers with refillable inks since bottled inks have the lowest cost per page. You can try an Epson EcoTank, Brother INKvestment Tank, or Canon MegaTank printer.

2. Opt for High-yield Ink or Toner Cartridges

Choose high-yield cartridges that can print more pages since you'll be able to save more in the long run. There are remanufactured cartridges that have higher yields but are cheaper compared to standard OEM cartridges.

3. Use an Ink Refill Kit

You can purchase an ink refill kit and do the refilling process yourself. It's not just for low-cost printing goals but also environmental causes. Refilling your cartridge instead of buying a new one reduces your carbon footprint. Note that refilled cartridges will only work if you do not activate HP+.

4. Buy Third-Party Ink or Toner

To save money, use compatible and remanufactured cartridges instead of OEM ones. These options offer the same number of pages at a lower price while providing good print quality. If you have an inkjet printer, you can use generic ink cartridges, but remember that activating HP+ will stop you from doing that. For laser printers, avoid models with "e" in the name because they usually limit the use of third-party toner.

Advanced Features Alternative

If you want to get the same advanced features without activating the HP+ program, here’s what you can do:

Download Printer Apps

Major printer apps have their ways of improving your printing experience. Epson has Epson iPrint, Canon has Canon Print Service, and Brother uses Brother iPrint&Scan. These apps can be downloaded for free and have features such as mobile printing and management of printing tasks.

Alternatives to Reduce Environmental Footprint

There are some options you can do to reduce your environmental footprint instead of using the HP+ program. These include:

1. Use Eco-Friendly Printer Ink or Toner Cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges are the way to go when you want to help save the environment in your own small way. These recycled cartridges have been inspected, cleaned, and refilled to match OEM cartridge standards.

2. Learn about the Recycling Guide

Big companies that make ink and cartridges give you various recycling methods. So, even if you're not using the HP+, you can still recycle your cartridges by shipping them back to the manufacturer or dropping them off at recycling stations. If you want to learn more, you can check out this guide on where to recycle ink cartridges.

Parting Words

Is HP+ worth it? Whether or not it is worth it will depend on your preferences, priorities, and budget. The benefits may sound good at first glance, but the program may limit your choices and flexibility when handling printing jobs and may cost you more in the long run. It's essential to explore what is HP+ program to know if it suits your needs. The choice is yours!

Key Takeaways:

  • Enabling HP+ is a one-way decision, and you cannot deactivate it. Once activated, your printer will only work with original cartridges, even if you decide to cancel your HP Instant Ink subscription.
  • If you turn on HP+, you can't use cheaper ink from third-party companies, and even if you fill your empty HP cartridge, your printer won't accept it. This means you have to buy the more expensive HP ink cartridges.
  • After using the advanced features of the HP Smart App for free for two years, you'll need to pay extra if you want to keep using them. Plus, your printer must always be connected to the internet to enjoy all its benefits.

If you require additional help with your CompAndSave products, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. You can call us toll-free at 1-833-465-6888, Monday to Friday, between 6am-4pm PT. Happy printing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does HP+ enabled mean?

HP+ enabled means your HP printer can get the free HP+ Program services. If your printer isn't HP+ enabled, it can't have these extra services. When you buy a new printer, ensure it's HP+ enabled to enjoy these benefits. These HP printer models usually have an “e” on their name. Check our guide above for more details about eligible HP printers.

2. What happens if I don't activate HP+?

If you don't activate HP+ for your printer, it will just operate as usual. You may not get the extended warranty and other perks accompanying the upgrade, but the good thing is that you can still use generic cartridges. Just follow our simple steps above to set up your HP printer without activating the HP+ program.

3. Can you decline HP+?

Yes, you can say no to upgrading to the HP+ Program. However, you can't return or undo the services once you turn on them. This means it's a permanent choice. It's a good idea to take your time and think about all your choices before deciding to activate the services. Consider what works best for you and your printing needs to make an informed decision. You can check this guide for more information about its advantages and disadvantages.

4. Do I need HP+ to use my printer?

No, you don't need HP+ to use your printer. HP+ is an optional program with extra services, but your printer can still function without it. But, once you enable the service, you can't deactivate it, which may affect your printing jobs. Without HP+, you can still print and order ink without the HP Smart app and monitor your ink levels the usual way. However, remember that LaserJets are required to set up the service.

5. How to disable HP+?

Unfortunately, once you enable HP+, it becomes a permanent setting, and your printer won't accept or work with generic ink anymore. Currently, there's no known method to disable or revert HP+ once activated, preventing you from using cheaper third-party ink. It's essential to be aware of this limitation and consider your ink preferences and budget before activating HP+.