Help Center - What are some general printer troubleshooting tips for non-techies?

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What are some general printer troubleshooting tips for non-techies?

When something goes wrong with your printer, there's a lot of little and easy things you can do to potentially correct the issue before you hand it over to a service technician that you need to pay to repair your device. Some of these may seem a bit obvious, but in the height of concern for your device, it's easy to miss simple solutions.

Here are some simple steps you can take that will pertain to most situations that anyone can try:

  • Power down, then turn back on your printer
  • Make sure your printer is plugged into a working electrical outlet for power
  • Make sure the printer is turned on
  • Make sure all cables are in good shape and firmly connected to their inputs
  • Replace your ink or toner cartridge
  • Ensure there is enough paper in your paper tray
  • Utilize your printer's self-repair and diagnostic functions (if available)
  • Read through your printer's manual for troubleshooting tips for common issues
  • Check the manufacturer's website for additional troubleshooting steps
If all of the above fails, it may be time to take your printer to a technician, but remember these easy steps for any future issues.