Help Center - How do I Save Ink When Printing?

How do I Save Ink When Printing?

There are many ways on how to save ink when using ink cartridges. 

Change the Print Mode to "Draft": By simply changing the print mode, you can extend the life of your inkjet cartridge which gets you more value for your purchase. You can change the print mode in your printer's print settings to save more ink. This does, however, reduce the quality of the print just slightly. With this being the case, we recommend this setting for documents for personal use rather than ones you provide to customers or clients.

Store Unused Cartridges Properly: If stored properly, unused ink cartridges will be good for up to two years. Keep them at room temperature and sealed in their packaging. The cartridge should be stored in an upright position.

Use Your Printer Frequently Enough: When ink dries, it can clog nozzles which causes printing problems and wastes some of the ink. To prevent ink from drying, you should print a minimum of one page every couple of weeks. If you're not sure what to print, you can print a test page from your computer's printer properties.

Try to Fix Printer Issues before Discarding Cartridges: If your printer is having trouble printing and you suspect it is an issue with a cartridge, there are plenty of troubleshooting options you can try before deciding to discard a cartridge and replace it.

Proofread and Preview Before Printing: taking the time to proofread saves pages of regrets. Proofreading avoid wasteful reprints and lets you save more ink. Since our minds tend to skim through documents we have read over and over again, we can notice errors more effectively if we start reading from the bottom of the text to the top.

Print Free of Ads or Backgrounds: If you're going to print web pages, you can use websites such as in order to only print text.

Changing Your Image Resolutions: Most images have a satisfactory print quality at 72 dpi which allows you to save more ink.

Use Large Fonts and Bold Fonts Minimally: Both large fonts and bold text use up a higher amount of ink. We recommend Ecofont to convert text into lesser pixels that uses 53.5% lesser ink than ordinary printing.