Help Center - How does Temperature (Heat & Cold) Affects Ink Cartridges?

How does Temperature (Heat & Cold) Affects Ink Cartridges?

  • Heat is the ink cartridges' main enemy. This is because heat can cause air bubbles to expand inside the cartridge and cause the ink to leak.
  • Recommended temperature to store the inks : room temperature at 20-29 degrees Celsius

What about inks inside the printer already?

  • Ink cartridges that are currently fixed inside the printer itself should especially be in an ink friendly environment. The storage issues outlined above are amplified when the ink is outside its packaging, making the cartridges in use vulnerable as well as the actual printer.

  • Failure to maintain an environment conducive to positive printing can cause a variety of issues. Paper jams could occur along with backfires and printer heads could be damaged. A neglected cartridge could create a build up of residue that can run onto the page during a print.

  • Overheated ink still emits heat when the printer is switched off which could be dangerous.

Can the cold cause cartridge problems?

  • Quite simply – no. The chemicals held inside ink cartridges share characteristics with the chemicals found in anti-freeze. If you find that you have a cartridge that has frozen, then the coloring dye shouldn’t be affected. Just simply warm it up again before usage.
  • Despite the lack of damage being caused to the ink within the ink, you should still be mindful that a frozen cartridge could cause damage to the printer.