Help Center - What is this Tape on My Ink Cartridge?

What is this Tape on My Ink Cartridge?

I. Adhesive Tape

An adhesive tape can be found on some models of inkjet cartridges. It may be one of several different colors and is used to protect the print head during transportation.

Before installing the cartridge in your printer, make sure to remove the adhesive tape. Do not use any other type of tape to protect the print head of your cartridge when you remove it from the printer. Sticky tape will push the glue resin into the nozzles of the print head, clogging them.

II. Clear Tape

You may also notice a clear tape covering the vent hole where the ink comes out. 

This clear tape is intended to protect the ink cartridges from leaking.  This means that there's NO NEED for you to remove it before installing the ink cartridge to your printer. Your printer will automatically puncture this clear tape upon installation. 


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