Help Center - What is an Inkjet Print Head, and How does it Work?

What is an Inkjet Print Head, and How does it Work?

The print head is an essential component to inkjet printing. It is responsible for dispensing the ink from your cartridges onto your paper. It is generally the part that holds your installed cartridges.

With the help of a system of electrical circuitry, the print head takes in the information from your computer for what you are printing and transfers that information to your printer paper. The nozzles on the print head dispense droplets of ink from the cartridges onto your printer paper.

The print head is the most critical component of a printer. It is used to deliver the ink to the page that you are printing.

Your print head is a consumable that can wear out over time and eventually require replacing. To ensure your print head has a long life, it will require proper and regular maintenance.

Most print head quality problems are a direct result of improper care of the print head. Proper installation, ongoing attention, and maintenance are the keys to maximizing the life of a print head.

There are two types of print heads.

Print Head Installed Cartridges have print heads built into their sides. Every time you replace this cartridge, you are also replacing the print head. HP only sells these inkjet printer cartridges in cheaper printer models such as Deskjets and ENVY.

Print Head Installed Printers have print heads installed in the inkjet printers themselves. Print heads can last long term when maintained properly. However, replacing print heads can cost $100 or more. Therefore, most chose to buy new a inkjet printer instead as it is cheaper.