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Our Food for the Poor program is no longer active.

Please refer to our Recycling Guide if you are looking for ways to recycle your printer cartridges.

You can help the hungry, one cartridge at a time.

Send us your empty ink & toner cartridges to provide meals to Food For The Poor Non-Profit.

Did you know, hunger is the world's #1 health risk? Did you also know that over the course of 100,000 years, we would be lucky if even one cartridge biodegrades in a landfill, as scientists have never actually seen plastic biodegrade? We're addressing both with a recycling program for empty ink & toner cartridges that also helps feed those in need. It's a small step, but we can do mighty things together by donating even one empty cartridge. Here's how:

How it Works:

Donate Cartridges

Mail us your empty
ink & toner cartridges

Learn How

So we can recycle
them for you at

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Then we give
all proceeds to

Mail Empty Cartridges to CompAndSave

Print our address

Attn: Cartridge Donations

33268 Central Ave.
Union City, CA 94587

Even when empty, your ink and toner cartridges have value. Instead of tossing your cartridges away, mail them to CompAndSave.

Your donations make a difference

Once we receive your donated cartridges, we send them to GreenHippo for recycling.


Afterwards, we collect all the reimbursements which your cartridges helped raise.


Every cent we raise from recycling your donated cartridges will be given to FoodForThePoor.org.


Recycle Together to Feed the Hungry

CompAndSave has pledged to donate 100% of these proceeds to FoodForThePoor.org

A meal is provided to the hungry

Mail empty cartridges

We ship them to GreenHippo

We collect the cash back

All funds donated to FoodForThePoor Charity

Together we can make a difference!